Utilizing asset management best practices, Command Systems has incorporated nearly 40 years of critical path equipment care and repair excellence into its preventative maintenance programs. 

Our Preventative Maintenance and Repair Programs are customized to your operations ensuring optimal equipment performance, safety and cost management. We keep your equipment working as long as you do, ensuring the maximum uptime, reliability and lifespan of your critical path equipment. Our programs:

-  Keep your equipment well maintained

-  Lengthen the life of your equipment

-  Ensure warranty issues are taken care of while warranty is effective

-  Identify and correct potential future issues with your equipment before they occur

-  Allow your business to budget for upcoming repairs – avoiding cost surprises

-  Provide your business with expert recommendations on when to repair and when to replace equipment based on cost effectiveness

Request an Estimate

Contact us to arrange a site visit for a needs analysis by one of our equipment repair specialists. We will prepare a recommended preventative maintenance plan and schedule including unit maintenance and repair cost estimates fitted to your equipment, budget and scheduling requirements.