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Repair Catalog

Manufacturer Mfr Part # Category Description
Cyclomatic 1040-0074 Welding & Plasma Cutting:Miscellaneous Arc Drive Assembly
Transmation 1040 Instrumentation:Miscellaneous Digital Calibrator
General Monitor 10395-1 Methane:Sensor Heads Sensor Head
Eimco 1030726 Remote Controls:Cables Cord
CSE 102LD Methane:Hand Held Digital
Amerex 10277 Fire Alarms:Miscellaneous Fire Suppression Panel
CSE 102 Methane:Hand Held Digital
Lester 10150 Battery Chargers:Miscellaneous Battery Charger
Kanson Electronics 1013-1-N-2-B Instrumentation:Timers Timer
Pyott-Boone 1010 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Belt Boss Switch
Service Machine 101-AXXX-0032 Miscellaneous:Electrical Start Switch
Service Machine 101-AXXX-0019 Miscellaneous:Electrical Palm Switch
TRW 101 Welding & Plasma Cutting:Miscellaneous Stud Welder
GE 100E4896-1 Miscellaneous:Electrical Brake Control Board
Goodman 1006131-001 Power Control Equipment:Speed Switches Foot Switch
MSA 10047227 MSA Equipment:Miscellaneous Solaris Gas Detector
MSA 10047227 MSA Equipment:Miscellaneous Hand Held Gas Detector
Robo 1001 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous 3/4" Impact Wrench
Remington 100089-06 Miscellaneous:Electrical Electric Chain Saw 1/4"
Joy 100078485 Remote Controls:Cables Remote Cable Assembly
Joy 100051343 Remote Controls:Cables Remote Cable
MSA 10002460 MSA Equipment:In House Charging System - 5 stations
MSA 10002439 MSA Equipment:In House Charging System - 10 stations
MSA 10002436 MSA Equipment:In House Cap Lamp Battery Charger
Joy 100019504 Remote Controls:Cables Cable Assembly
Joy 100017329 Remote Controls:Receivers Receiver
Foxtron 1000-24SCA-2 Motor Drives:Circuit Board Snubber Board
Atlas 1000 Solid State Starters:Miscellaneous Dual Speed Turntable
Conflow 100-100-HP6 Slip Switches:Mechanical Valve Control Unit
Westinghouse 100 amp Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Mining Circuit Breaker
Robo 100 Miscellaneous:Electrical Charger
Byram 10-9428 Miscellaneous:Electrical Digital Volts Meter
Eagle 10-7100 Slip Switches:Electronic 1 Belt Switch
Ramsey 10-301 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Micro Tech Integrator
Brookville 10-2325 Power Control Equipment:Accelerator Switch Joy Stick Controller
CSE 10 UNIT Communications:Miscellaneous Digital Charger
Black & Decker 1/2" Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Impact Wrench
Proto 1/2" Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Torque Wrench
Dayton 1-Ton Miscellaneous:Mechanical Chain Hoist
Service Machine 1-B66 Power Connectors:Plugs & Receptacles Connector
Service Machine 1-265 Power Connectors:Plugs & Receptacles Cable Connector
Ingersol Rand 1 Ton Miscellaneous:Mechanical Hoist
Femco 1 to 10 Instrumentation:Miscellaneous Shot Fire
Industrial Scientific 0X231 Methane:Hand Held Detector
Lester 09695 Battery Chargers:Miscellaneous Battery Charger
Lester 09611 Battery Chargers:Miscellaneous Battery Charger 36LC25-3.5T12
Sentinel 09576224 Electric Heater:Heaters Heater
Lester 09113 Battery Chargers:Miscellaneous Battery Charger
Best 0800-2000-6UI Power Supplies:UPS Power UPS
Lester-Matic 07745 Battery Chargers:Miscellaneous Motive Power Charger
Entrelec 0712236 Miscellaneous:Electrical Pressure Switch
Foxboro 071-1-9-10 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Controller
Foxboro/Jordan 071-1-6-10 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Actuator
Brookville 07-40555 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Air Switch
Brookville 07-20190 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Controller
Ohio Brass 0579W Ground Monitors:Resistive Monitor Ground Monitor
Ohio Brass 0578W Fire Alarms:Miscellaneous Monitor Module
Siemens 05040204 Power Control Equipment:Contactors Contactor
DAC 048-02-0087-3 Communications:Longwall Phone Amplifier
Douglas 046-126 Battery Chargers:Circuit Boards Charger Board
Douglas 046-121 Battery Chargers:Circuit Boards Charger Board
BWI 043100 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous RF Receiver Model 40-3500
Porter 0390MC Miscellaneous:Mechanical Cutter Center GP
Best 03250750U Power Supplies:UPS Patriot Pro II UPS
DAC 027-02-0045-10 Communications:Miscellaneous Repeater
Greco 02517 Machine Controls:CNC Controls CNC Control
Milwaukee 0234 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous 1/2" Hole - Drill Shooter
Long Airdox 016966 Miscellaneous:Electrical Isolator Relay
Simmons Rand 010135 Slip Switches:Miscellaneous Control
Southcon 010031010001 Motor Drives:Circuit Board Control Board
CSE 01-51800922 Methane:Miscellaneous Sensor Head
Joy Relay 00601866-20 20 Power Control Equipment:Logic Boxes
Siemens 00601525-0008 Power Control Equipment:Contactors Contactor
Pyott-Boone 006-0171-003 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Circuit Board
Pyott-Boone 006-0010-003F Fire Alarms:Resistive Monitor Fire Detection Board
Joy 00571765 Lighting:Lights Lens Assembly
Pyott-Boone 005-0338-003 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Board
Pyott-Boone 005-0275-004 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Board
Pyott-Boone 005-0223-003 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Board
Pyott-Boone 005-0117-001 Slip Switches:Electronic Slip/Sequence Board
Pyott-Boone 005-0077-003 Communications:Circuit Board Page Phone PC Board
Telemecanique 004059820 Miscellaneous:Electrical Control
PQ 004 Power Control Equipment:Accelerator Switch Controller
PQ 001 Power Control Equipment:Accelerator Switch Controller
Cableform 000-1388R Power Control Equipment:Logic Boxes Logic Unit
Dwyer 0-5" Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Magnehelic Gage
Dwyer 0-2" Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Magnehelic Gage
Dwyer 0-10 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous Magnehelic Gage
Simmons Rand 0-022566-000 Power Control Equipment:Contactors Vacuum Contactor
Comtrol #CS1611 Communications:Miscellaneous Receiver
Comtrol #CS1511 Communications:Miscellaneous Transmitter
Widelite #400AFMOV Lighting:Lights Outside Light
Service Machine #124-ABXX-0002 Pull Switches:Pull Cord Switches Pull Cord Switch
Battery Systems M1631-96V Battery Chargers:Circuit Boards Charger Control
Industrial Scientific ITX 1810-4207 Methane:Hand Held Detector
Thermal Dynamics 80XL Welding & Plasma Cutting:Plasma Cutters Plasma Cutter
Ingersol Rand 8049 Miscellaneous:Miscellaneous 1/2" Impact Wrench
Miller 280N Welding & Plasma Cutting:Engine Driven Trail Blazer

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